China is a country in east Asia with a population of 1.404 billion, it shares the most number of borders. It is one of cheap and beautiful countries in the world. The currency of china is low as compared to dollars which keeps low budget life.

China`s landscape is large and diverse, Chinese literature is based upon Zhou dynasty. China`s contribution in world`s sports in not hidden, it has become sports destination worldwide, it has gained hosting for many major sports event in future.

China has diplomatic relations with 175 countries and embassies in 162. China is regularly hailed as potential superpower with its progressing economic progress, higher military might and high population.

Shanghai air port

CThere are 292 various languages spoken in various different regions of China. Mandarin is the most spoken language with 70% people speaking this language. China has one of the best transportation services in the world. It has superfast Shanghai maglev train which is operated at a speed of 431km/hr, is the fastest commercial rail service in the world. More than 85% of people take their higher degree from universities.

The medical services in China are consist of private and government sectors. With more than 95% people are undertaken by  medical insurances. Chinese government is taking initiatives in providing better medical services in near future.

China and India relations:

China have very good relations in marketing and medical equipments. Both countries are developing countries and have good market for each other. Most of the people follow Buddhism.

Why to do MBBS in China

    1. China started imparting modern medical education from early 20th century.
    2. China offer’s both undergraduate (MBBS) and specialized 2-3 year programs.
    3. To maintain highest standards of quality, the Chinese Ministry of Education has set up a quality control regulation on medical education, especially focusing on English medium undergraduate medical education.
    4. The Medical Universities in China are listed in World Directory of Medical Schools and it’s degrees are recognized world-wide.
    5. There are highly advanced super-specialty Medical Hospitals attached to the Medical Universities which provide excellent clinical exposure to the students.China is fast emerging as a front runner in providing quality Medical Education.Here are Top 10 reasons why one should consider MBBS from China. Low cost MBBS in China.

Students get clinical exposure in:

  • Primary Hospitals which are usually less than 100 beds and focus on providing preventive care, minimal health care and rehabilitation services.
  • Secondary hospitals which are between 100 to 500 beds and are responsible for providing comprehensive health services, as well as medical education and conducting research on a regional basis.
  • Tertiary hospitals which are bigger hospitals with more than 500 bed capacity. They are responsible for providing specialist health services, perform a bigger role with regard to medical education and scientific research and they serve as medical hubs providing care to multiple regions.
  1. All Medical Universities have modern campus with state of the art modern facilities and well- equipped libraries, classrooms, laboratories, cafeteria etc.
  2. All Medical Universities are research based and home to Scientists, Professors etc. having multi-faceted international exposure since they regularly participate in International Scientific Conferences.
  3. Hostels are well-equipped and safe & secure.
  4. China is a popular destination for MBBS for international students and many students from Countries like India, Nepal, Si Lanka, UAE, Ghana, Kenya, Thailand etc.
  5. International students also have the opportunity to apply for the various scholarship programs during their study in China. Some of the scholarships include:CGS: Chinese Government Scholarship;
    US: University Scholarships;
    CIS: Confucius Institute Scholarship;
    CLGS: Chinese Local Government Scholarship

Some of the Top ranking Chinese Medical Universities are:

  • Tianjin medical university
  • Guanxi medical university
  • Hebei Medical University, China
  • Jilin medical university
  • China Three Gorges University