Philippines: The Country

The Philippines lies in the Western Pacific of Southeast Asia.Philippines is one of the largest island groups in the world with 7,107 islands.The country is a melting pot of cultures and celebrates all the festivals of Christian, Muslim and Chinese holidays in a big way, observing these as national holidays. Being also the world’s third largest Catholic Nation, the Filipinos still practice Catholicism strictly. Christmas is celebrated in a grand way from September to Epiphany. Filipinos are sweet and upbeat and welcome visitors in a warm way. Filipino and English are the official languages here.Manila- The capital city which is situated on the island of Luzon blends Spanish colonial marvels with modern infrastructure. Boracay is famed for its pristine beaches, marine and beach activities and vibrant nightlife. The Island of Cebu is a beach resort ideal for diving. Tagaytay is a volcano island which is located on Taal Lake