Classrooms in AMA school of medicine- classes are air conditioned with not more than 35 students in a batch. Classes are taken by very good teachers most of them have completed their study in USA.Scholarships are also available for bright students.Student`s life in this city is very good and filled with different possibilities. If you are good in sports there are various sports centers, gyms, and different sports club are there which organize tournament several times a year. If you are good in music, there are several music schools and competitions going through the city. Security services are very active in these countries and crime rates are very low. Local police is very active especially to help foreign citizens. Security is tight at the dormitories. Guards at this dorm generally lock the doors at 11pm and reopen them again at 5am. While it is possible to be let in past curfew, students said this was not guaranteed. People in the city are very curious about foreign students, so there it will be not a problem to get help from any local person if you stuck somewhere.

Benefits of Study in AMA School

  • 1.The college has American standards of teaching practice.
  • 2.It is affiliated with 3 hospitals in Manila (Quirino, AFP, and Pasay General Hospital).
  • 3.Reasonable fees structure.
  • 4.The medium of instruction is completely English.
  • 5.Good patient flow in hospitals which is a sign of good clinical training.
  • 6.Apartment type rooms are also available for students.
  • 7.Indian catering and mess are available.
  • 8.Over 20,000 foreign students are enrolled in Philippines.