* Government medical college, China, listed in Medical council of India and approved by WHO

Guangxi medical university is located in the center of the city `Guangxi`. It has created medical professionals, who serve the local people of the region in history of 74 years. The university has bloomed itself from the roots of a medical college. First time graduate students were enrolled in 1978 by the approval of state council. Guangxi medical college was qualified to confer master degree in 1981 and doctorate degree in 1984. Right now there are three mobile stations are working Pre-clinical medicine, Pharmacology, and clinical medicine.

Guangxi Medical University consists of 18 schools and colleges, inclusive of School of Pre-clinical Sciences and the First School of Clinical Sciences and 8 affiliated teaching hospitals such as the First Affiliated Hospital and the Affiliated Cancer Hospital etc. Guangxi Medical University has a strong teaching staff, of which 161 have senior academic titles, 477 have associate academic titles and 33 are qualified doctoral tutors. GXMU offers nine 5-year undergraduate specialties, including clinical medicine, preventive medicine, stomatology, pharmacy, nursing, etc. and seven 3-year college specialties, including nursing, pharmacy, community medical care and cosmetology etc.

At present, there are over 7,000 doctoral students, postgraduate students, undergraduates and 3-year college students in Guangxi Medical University. In the year 2000, Guangxi Medical University began to enroll 7-year undergraduates who are to be conferred on master’s degree after finishing their academic studies in clinical medicine. Since its establishment, Guangxi Medical University has turned out approximately 100,000 medical graduates.

GXMU has built very close relationships with medical institutions in 40 countries, and has sent large numbers of its dedicated teachers to further their studies and research in 50 plus countries, including America, England, France, Germany and Japan. Such a move has helped GXMU to firmly establish itself as an international medical learning and research institute worldwide.

Location Guangxi city

Guangxi Medical University is located in the beautiful city of Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Nanning is known in China as the “Green City” and the “Garden City”. Here, the air is fresh, the view is panoramic, and the weather is temperate.

Nanning, known as Yongzhou in ancient time, is a frontier city with a long history and profound cultural accumulation. It is populated by predominating Zhuang minority and other 35 nationalities, such as the Han, Miao, and Yao nationalities, etc. with a total population of 6.6616 million. People from different ethnic groups get along with each other in peace and harmony in the city, having colorful national features and styles as well as ethnic festivals and diverse activities.

Key points
• Guangxi medical university is one of the 30 universities which are qualified by MOE of China to accept international MBBS students.
• All courses are taught in English, without Chinese language proficiency requirements.
• Place of internship is chosen by students, whether it should be in China, in their home country or any other country.
• The university is recognized by WHO, and graduates from the university are eligible to take the medical licensing examinations held by medical council of different countries such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS etc.

Medical programs offered Guangxi Medical University:
General Medicine (MBBS) bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery
Form of study: full time
Language of study: Chinese, English
Duration: 4 years 6 months

MD Courses are available in following branches:
• Medicine
• Surgery
• Cardiology
• Radiology
• Pediatrics
• Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Allergy and Immunology
• Anesthesiology and intensive care
• Family medicine
• Neurology
• Ophthalmology
• Pathology
Duration of these courses is 2 years.
Languages of instruction- Chinese and English

Living in University
Food: GXMU has a student restaurant (food court).
Sports: School has a gymnasium, swimming pool, various playgrounds, where students can play football, basketball and other sports.
Internet: Internet service is available at university library and international student dormitory.
Shopping: School has supermarkets and stores.


GUNAXI MEDICAL UNIVERSITIES are listed by National Medical Council of India (NMC)

Approved By WHO