Karaganda State Medical University

The university is located in Karaganda city. The city is near to the capital. It is a primary education hub with students from all over the world. This is also known as the city of peace. The city offers different types of foods like, Indian, Russian, Chinese and a lot more. Transport facility is easy and cheap.

About the city

Karaganda city is vivid modernized city, located near to capital is one of the main economic, financial center of the country, which indulges investment tycoons from India (factory of arcelormittal)and all over the world ,not also city is major education hub with students from all over the world studying, city administration ensures all possible majors of safety and responsibilities especially for foreign students this is the reason it’s also called “city of peace”


City offers wide variety of food from Indian to Russian to Chinese, easy cheap convenience is available 24 hrs.With all cab’s, buses connecting various part of city.


University provides best and experienced faculty in all departments for the benefit of students many of the professors in department have traveled all around world and imparted education and are contemporary researchers in university


each department provide best theoretical approach as well as necessary clinical knowledge with each department equipped with multimedia connectivity give chance to students to connect worldwide and share their ideas with other students all over the world


Each department is equipped with all necessary medical equipment and aids also with qualified assistants to teach students how to handle new apparatus and technologies.

Indian canteen

University hostel has a staff of chefs from India. Students can get there lots types of Indian foods and fast foods.


Competitiveness of university is supported by developed infrastructure: 4 comfortable well-organized educational buildings with lecture and seminar classrooms, 7 dormitories, 36 bases of the clinical departments, and clinical base has the student polyclinic and dental polyclinic. The amount of computers in the departments and units of University, connected to Internet, increased in 3.5 times including in some dormitories in 2009, in comparison of 2006.

Fee and cost of living

As the university is governmental the education fee is not very high. Living cost is also very low; lots of the fast food centers and lunch points are available in the countryside.

Necessary conditions:

Completed intermediate education (12th Pass)

1.) 50 % (PERCENTAGE) scores in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English

2.) Admission fee amount (is not returned on violation)

3.) Paying capacity

Necessary documents (originals):

1.) Certificate of completed intermediate education

2.) Passport with appropriate entry visa

3.) Medical reference

4.) Application form

5.) 10 passport size photographs (3x4cm)


Karaganda State Medical University is listed by National Medical Council of India (NMC)

Approved by WHO