This university was founded in 1967. The university has five main campuses. Formerly it was known as Fatima Medical Science Foundation Incorporated. The university has its own hospital where students get training and internship. The university offers 5 years duration course of the MBBS comprises 1 year of BS+ 4 years of MD, the first three year course is balanced between medical theories and practices, whereas the fourth year course focus on the medical rotations to bestow the best of the medical practices to the students. After completing the study from the Our Lady of Fatima University, you need to pass the screening test of the respective country and then you are eligible to work as doctor in any of the country in the World. The MD degree of the Our Lady of Fatima University is recognized as equivalent to the UK, Singapore, India, Australia, USA and other gulf countries.

The University is recognized by WHO and registered in the list of Medical Council of India.

The International Student Office is responsible for the recruitment and welfare of international students and has a student’s adviser on its staff. The International Student Advisory Service provides support for international students and their families throughout their time in Our Lady of Fatima University. The service also functions as a resource center where you can drop in for information and advice on issues such as accommodations, student visa, applications, academic problems, and life in the Philippines.

Why to choose Our Lady of Fatima University?

  • 1. English Medium of Instruction.
  • 2. Affordable tuition fees & living cost.
  • 3. American standard education system.
  • 4. Hot climate round the year just like in tropical India.
  • 5. Any student studying in Philippines is widely accepted in USA and Canada; so much better Job Prospects if you study in Philippines.
  • 6. More than 10% of Practicing Doctors in US studied their Medical Degree In Philippines
  • 7. Excellent boarding and lodging provided by the University.
  • 8. Located in the heart of Manila with easy access to many parts of the world.

Hospitals attached with the University

  • 1. Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago
  • 2. Harbour Hospital in Baltimore
  • 3. Bakersfield Heart Hospital, California
  • 4. Good Samaritan Hospital and Trinity Hospital, California
  • 5. Brooklyn Medical Centre
  • 6. Peninsula Hospital New York

Student’s life

 In this city is very good and filled with different possibilities. If you are good in sports there are various sports centers, gyms, and different sports club are there which organize tournament several times a year. If you are good in music, there are several music schools and competitions going through the city. Security services are very active in these countries and crime rates are very low. Local police is very active especially to help foreign citizens. Security is tight at the dormitories. Guards at this dorm generally lock the doors at 11pm and reopen them again at 5am. While it is possible to be let in past curfew, students said this was not guaranteed. People in the city are very curious about foreign students, so there it will be not a problem to get help from any local person if you stuck somewhere.

Belgorod state university is listed by National Medical Council of India (NMC)

Approved by WHO