*Government medical university, listed by Medical Council of India, approved by WHO

Mari State Medical University was founded in 1972. The university consists of 6 faculties and 5 institutes that train different specialists for different sectors. The medical university has a staff of 100 doctors of science and more than 400 candidates for sciences and associate professors. It consists of 7 educational buildings and 8 residence hostels. In starting of this year there were more than 8000 students studying in the university. More than 2400 students were living in university hostels. The quality of education provided is parallel to the level of European standards. The classrooms and laboratories are well equipped with modern gadgets, technology and infrastructure. In June, 2009 the university was awarded with gold medal for good quality of education.Mari State University Rector, Dr. Vitaly Makarov is awarded with the honorary breastplate «Best rector – 2009» by the Independent Public Council of the competition «European Quality: Gold Media.
The university is broadening and strengthening relations with big companies of Russia like “Sberbank of Russia”, the “Akashevo” company, “Marbiofarm” and others, which provides major opportunities for the job placement of students and graduates of Mari State University


The institute of medicine and natural science is producing trained specialists in three branches of medicine, which are general medicine (MBBS), Pharmacy, and in fundamental and applied chemistry. Along with medical subjects the institute also gives bachelor`s degree in chemistry, Ecology and use of natural resources, Biology, and pedagogical education. As the university was founded in the year of 1972, now the medical institute has highly skilled professionals. The medical staff consists of 8 doctors of science and professors and other candidates of sciences. University also provides facility for post-graduation for the students who are interested in research works.

Medical programs offered by Mari State Medical University

• Medicine
• Surgery
• Cardiology
• Radiology
• Pediatrics
• Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Allergy and Immunology
• Anesthesiology and intensive care
• Family medicine
• Neurology
• Ophthalm
• Pathology

Duration of these courses is 3 years

Languages of instruction- Russian and English
• Form of study: full time.
•Language of study: Russian, English.
• Duration: 5 years 8 months.


Form of study: full time
Language of study: Russian, English
Duration: 5 years

Student’s life

In this city is very good and filled with different possibilities. If you are good in sports there are various sports centers, gyms, and different sports club are there which organize tournament several times a year. If you are good in music, there are several music schools and competitions going through the city. Security services are very active in these countries and crime rates are very low. Local police is very active especially to help foreign citizens. Security is tight at the dormitories. Guards at this dorm generally lock the doors at 11pm and reopen them again at 5am.