Airport Pick Up

Our team receive and guide  all the students at Indira Gandhi International Airport who are coming at a time. All the students get assembled before they departure from the airport at terminal 3.

We check if the students have all the important documents like passport, invitation letter, their study documents and all the necessary items.

Departure process in India

  1. Entry inside the airport and check for their flights schedule and position.
  2. Get the boarding pass, check in and drop their luggage. Money exchange can be done inside the airport.
  3. Filling up the immigration form, then go to the process of immigration.
  4. Personal security checking.
  5. See the proper boarding pass and go to the gate of departure on time (30 minutes before).


Arrival in destined country.

  1. After landing of flight we check passport, immigration form.
  2. Foreign security check-up.
  3. If you lose any of your luggage be calm and complaint about it to the custom office located near the reception of airport.

4.Once the reach the destined country/city, there they are receive by our members.

  1. Our members take care of them till they reach to the city of their chosen university.
  2. In the way we provide food and snacks.7.
  3. Once you reach to your university everyone gets phone from which they can call to their parents in India.